Welcome to The Jean Rees Centre

The Jean Rees Centre aims to create a positive learning environment, where learning and achievement is both recognised and celebrated. In which personalised programmes for all learners are developed and progress made to date, is built upon; further developing independence skills and personal autonomy as young adults, helping them find their place in the wider community. The Centre works with young adults who have significant learning challenges and for some, accompanying social, emotional and mental health issues manifesting in challenging behaviour. We are an educational provision and our students come to the Centre to learn.

We follow ASDAN programmes of study to develop independence and life skills as well as preparation for work. We support students in the work place to promote a work ethic as well as specific skills for specific roles by expecting students to arrive on time, dress appropriately for the role and interact with colleagues at an appropriate level.

Every student has a personalised timetable and opportunities to practice skills which will support independence in their future. This includes the skill to become emotionally aware and know how to manage triggers that have a negative impact and provoke the individual to demonstrate challenging behaviours.

We believe that in order to secure a prosperous future, we need to prepare our young people for the world outside of school.

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